Education is for all and every child has the right to get it free of cost. To provide education for the poor and needy children we have stretched our wings in varied sectors of Education. Here are some of the initiatives we have taken as an NGO..

Nursery-Cum-Upper Primary School

The organization has been running a Nursery-cum-Upper Primary school since 1993 for the education of the poor illiterate backward children of the area. Since 1998 onwards gradually the school was upgraded from Class V to class VIII and since 2005 Class IX has started.
Considering the importance and need for education of the area, we applied for the Aided Recognition of our School, “Baramurtitola Vidyasagar Siksha Niketan” as an Upper Primary School (from I to Class VIII) from the Govt. of West Bengal.
At present, there are more than 350 students. They are mostly from poor, dropouts and working-class people. Especially child workers are undergoing this process and are having education in this school (from Nursery to Class-IX). To run this school we are facing too 

many challenges still, we are striving hard to continue our work. We provide books, dresses, school bags and mid-day meals to the students from its funds.

Rural Library Unit

A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. There are lots of people who love to read but can’t afford to buy books all the time. In the remote and rural areas of Ghatal people are mainly from the poor and needy section. To upgrade the mental, moral and economic condition of the local poor, illiterate and backward people the organization has been running a rural library. There are nearly more than 500 books including some magazines and newspapers for the reading public with T.V. & Video services to the general public.

Charitable Dispensary Unit

It is a charitable or public facility where medicines are furnished and free or inexpensive medical advice is available. Our organization has been maintaining a charitable dispensary unit with both Homeopathy and Allopathy treatment. This project is especially running for the poor and needy people of the locality.

Homeopathy Unit

To provide relief to the ill patients, SWRDS runs a Homeopathy Unit. This treatment is for the diseases that can be easily treated and the patient can get out of trouble especially of chronic diseases. In other cases, the patients are referred to Sub-Divisional Hospital at Ghatal for better treatment. We aim to help people through our Homeopathy Unit.

Allopathy Unit 

In this unit, people got the treatment for free of cost and often got the medicine that is only necessary for the first-hand treatment. Primary health care has been done in this center. But in other cases, they are referred to the sub-Divisional hospital at Ghatal for better treatment. The total expenses are borne by the organization. The society is trying to arrange for an X-ray machine and to do some general tests from the unit. We have a plan to set up a Mini Rural Hospital in the locality.

Mother and Child Health Unit

The organization has been maintaining a door to door service for the health-care of women and children of the locality. We often organized several group discussions with mothers for better maintenance of the little family and how to take proper health care of the prenatal and postnatal mothers. The medicines were distributed. These medicines are mainly received from the District Red Cross Unit and free samples of the local doctors. 

Awareness Camps On Health Related Programmes

i) To aware the people with different problems and to help them with primary treatment SWRDS is always aware. We focus special emphasis on Snakebites, burn injury and general health and hygiene and water pollution. The area is flood-prone. The usage of such water in the day-to-day life of common people is an important factor in this area. For this reason, the organization had to arrange different awareness camps to make people aware.  

ii) The organization arranges a meeting on the deadly effects of HIV/AIDS on men and women. The problems with this disease is a very serious issue in this locality. A large number of youths in this area and the subdivision works outside of the district for earning money. They are mainly working as a goldsmith, Zaari workers, and construction workers. Due to away from home they get intimated with sex workers which bring HIV in their blood. The organization made arrangements for some awareness camps with the noted medical practitioners and spent the required money from its source.

Relief & Rehabilitation

Ghatal Sub-division is a flood-prone area and almost every year people of this area get affected by floods. Almost every year when the flood happened our NGO went to help these affected people. We help them with dry food like Chira, bread, biscuit, and molasses. Not only these things, but tarpaulins were also distributed among these distressed people. In this way, the organization often helped the poor and helpless people in their dire need and during these natural calamities. The total fund that was required for this special task was spent from its fund. Not only that poor people and poor students also get help either through cash or kind as per their requirements.

Social Welfare And Rural Development Society  (Ghatal)

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